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So things are moving forward.

Picked up some parts:

- ACS Type 1 monoblocks 17x8.5 et13 (SOLD later on, never used them!)
- Z3 steering rack, finally!
- Ugly CF fenders that are "z3 style"
- Fiberglass front bumper support beam
- Clear front, side, rear lights
- M side trim (Thanks to Bwwaaaa!)

Next weekend I will be picking up a whole rear 6cyl rear end: Subframe, trailing arms, axles - no diff.

This is actually a continuation from a widing idea with e46 LCA's I tried back in 2013:

The idea is that the e46 LCA's widen the front track, And the 6cyl z3 rear trailing arms do the same thing effectively widening the whole width of the wheels without running low ET wheels.

Also this way I can get the camber/toe weld in plates separately and have less downtime as the car is a daily.

As it has been the case for the last 4 years the car desperately needs more power, but considering I drive ~250 miles a week now with work/school I will enjoy the MPG as I fix the small things and work on suspension/widening the car.

The ACS wheels will wait for a while as they are ugly chrome and bubbly, and with the et13 + widening, I will need to figure out a suitable way to widen the fenders, if the ACS go on they will be going on with at not much of a stretch, probably 235 tires. Since I picked up the carbon fiber "z3" style fenders I might get those cut into with a simple set of flairs. Not too sure yet.

Sorry for the slow progress! But this is a long term project so expect this thread like my last build thread to continue for a while, aka couple years.

***328ti Build thread. ***

Even more important:
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