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Originally Posted by ORGASMSrfun View Post
Check out the front end on my 318ti and let me know if you'd like some pointers?

Would be more than happy to help.
Well I took a look at your pic:

It seems like the style is uhm a little different then what I am going for, but I appreciate the thought though!


EDIT: (Project related)

I am back in SoCal and busy with school (again.. sigh) and work, but most importantly working to get my car to what I consider "Stage 0". What I mean by that is that the car has to be fully functional first without anything little thing wrong before I dig into it. A/C, windows, trim parts, mechanical parts everything has to be fully functioning like it came from the dealer. I have already gotten the 80k miles clutch replaced with another OEMish clutch, window regulators are fixed, new tires, A/C needs a little more looking at as well as the radio, trim and small interior pieces.

The car will end up looking kind of beat/rugged/aggressive but instead of those beater cars that always have something wrong with it, door latch, radio, A/C, windows etc - everything will work fine and it will be more of a stylistic choice.

***328ti Build thread. ***

Even more important:
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