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Originally Posted by Bwwaaaa View Post
Sounds like you have a solid plan, looking forward to seeing what you do!
Ya! Honestly I will probably be cringing when I do some of it, but I really want to see how it will look "completed" . . . . if I get there or how long it will go.

Originally Posted by BMW_Hatchback View Post
Love everything except the mad max metal bar rear bumper
Thanks! The exhaust picture is mostly to show how the exhaust style will look like... I don't have the skills to make that mad max style rear bumper lol . . . or the willingness to pay someone to do it for me.

I will be trying to use the parts that I have already lying around, and only keep money on reliability/maintenance issues for daily driving, since that is what it will still do mostly.

Two months and counting till I get home... feels so long.


One more month to go!

I do have to say the .org is probably one of the slowest forums I know...

***328ti Build thread. ***

Even more important:
Hosting a forum like this is not free. is one of the best BMW forums on the web because it is member supported, not vendor supported. The cost to become a Supporter is a nominal $10.00... A YEAR! DO IT! NOW!

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