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Default As Green as the Touge - Just Cause!


I bought my 318ti over 3 years ago, and the thread that documented some of that is here:

In the mean time I moved to the awesome little country island of Taiwan for a year. I actually grew up in Taiwan but haven't been back for over ten years. This got me a chance to reconnect to my childhood and also see the kind of styling they have here. Of course much of it is very heavily influenced by Japan, but it does have its own flair too. Its been roughly ten months here and I will be going back to the U.S. and my 318ti very soon. As a result I have started to think what I would do with my 318ti. I was going to do nothing and just drive it... But that probably won't happen.

Sooooo . . . here is my concept of what I will turn my car into... just because I think it is cool. Thats it. Form or function I am not too worried. I will be daily driving it, so other then it being able to drive me to work and being reasonably comfortable I want to build something more from my imagination , sometime maybe a bit different. It will see the occasional canyon run too. Oh and do it on the cheap too.


First a rough draft of a sketch just so I can imagine how it looks a little better.

Here is some horrible mspaint put together:


To help show what my concept comes from I have some pictures/images that I find cool and are part of my inspiration.
Why not try to bring some parts of these cars to life. If it works it works and it will be awsome!
If not, oh well, whats next?

We shall see how this goes.

***Above pictures are not of my car and I claim no ownership of them! They just help me develop a mental image by using some styling ideas from other car enthusiasts.

The Details


- Headlights: I have some glass euro headlights so I can take them apart, clean them, and tint the inner class yellow - like the French headlights, then use electrical tape (? or something else) to make that "X" on top of the inner lense. This is inspired by cars that are tracked as well as driven in the street and would use take to try to keep the glass together if the glass broke and keep the track free of the glass. In my case I think it will just look cool.

- Bumper: I have a M3 rep bumper so I will probably just use it - since its a rep I don't mind cutting into it either.
- The front will use some home depot garden trimming or something for the splitter/lip/air dam, it will also help the car look lower.
- I will most likely have fog light deletes.
- The licence plate might be in the middle or off to the side, mounted by ? ?? ? - still not sure.
- The inner holes next to the fog lights will have ducting to direct air towards the brakes, i will probably cut a hole into the dust shield and have the hosing go from the front to the brakes. Hopefully cooling the brakes a little for the canyon runs since I get brake fade pretty quickly. Oh and cause it might look cool too.

- Front Blinkers: Thinking of pulling the front blinkers out all together, and putting in some e30 style front blinkers under the front bumper support below the headlights.


- Exhaust: Nice and quiet . . more then a weird looking car, the exhaust note pulls the polices notice! But with the 90 degree bend at the exit of the rear and go up a couple inches - dual tip.

- Spoiler Still not sure, leaning more towards a duckbill style but made with garden trim and rivets, kind of like the front.
- Stubby antenna.


- ACS cup mirrors! Yes those are going to look good!


***328ti Build thread. ***

Even more important:
Hosting a forum like this is not free. is one of the best BMW forums on the web because it is member supported, not vendor supported. The cost to become a Supporter is a nominal $10.00... A YEAR! DO IT! NOW!

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