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Jean please let me live through your life. Do the swap please, please, pelase...

You will be so happy and not only will you have a very fast car with the swap if and when you turbo that car you will have my ultimate dream car. Also M52 turbo = 350hp. Ok I think that will be very conservative. Most likely 400+ or maybe even more

Dude you have the oppertunity to make your car the untimate driving machine and if I were you I would pass this up. With the M52 it will haul balls and make you happy for enough time so you can build up enough money for that turbo, then when you install that turbo you will have something that few people have

I say you can not pass this up man.

Just my opinion but damn don't let it slip away or you will be thinking about it for the rest of your life. You will never be happy with the M44 turbo when you had the chance for the M52 turbo.

John Smith
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