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Default questions for the swap people

so my friend, she just wreck her 96 328i with 140xxx miles and is pretty much all ****ed up on the back so i was thinking is it worth doing this swap at all? i mean for the money i would spend doing this swap i can finish my turbo build and have more power and lighter weight but i know that if i turbo the m52b28 engine then i can get way way more power but it means i have to do the swap first and then turbo so that would obviouly take more time and money to finish but i know down the road i can have more power with the 6 cylinders, so honestly what do u guys think would be better, finish my turbo m44 or do the m52 swap and roll with that stock for a while (~2 years), until i have the money to go turbo m52

m44 on my car ~ 140whp
m44 turbo ~280whp
m52 stock ~190whp

m52 turbo ~350whp
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5/96 318TI Sport BIG TURBO

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