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Sadly, the photo links have gone dead. It would be great if all of the DIYs had permanent photo links.

Finished mine up this evening. Did both the trans mounts and the engine mounts. I'm happy that I installed my driver's side engine mount first. (No preferred order for trans mounts.)

Trans mounts are easiest to do by first taking the nuts off the mounts, then semi detaching the brace that supports the lower portion of the trans mounts. I removed both bolts from the driver's side and loosened the ones on the passenger side. Gained me enough wiggle room to R&R the mounts, but kept me from having to mess with heat shielding and rethreading bolts.

Why do I mention that in a thread that covers engine mounts? Because I couldn't get my passenger side engine mount off the car. The top of the passenger side motor mount bolts to an arm that, in turn, bolts to the engine block. I had unbolted the mounts top and bottom before unbolting the arm. You must support the engine in order to make sure the arm will bolt right up. Another caution is the fourth bolt. It's hidden from sight and is contained in an open arch that reinforces the arm. All of my arm's bolts had 13 mm heads.

Driver's side was pretty normal, but be careful with the jack when lowering it on to the engine mount. They will be misaligned especially if you snug up the lower mount to ensure the alignment pin stays inserted. I also prethreaded the nut on to the upper mount after it was nudged into place. (BTW, it's easier to move the engine to the mount than the other way around.) I could just barely get my fingers in there, but dropping it in from on top sounds like a recipe for frustration.

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