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I paid around 210 for a new pair + 30 for rubbers and fixings a year ago, and wish I hadn't. I've since started stripping parts back to bare metal, and then painting them.

I could have just hit the straps with a wire brushes on a drill and strip discs on an angle grinder, and I reckon I could have got them almost like new.

For bolts and fixings I'm wire brushing and then lightly spraying with Normfest Galva 97 Silver zinc and aluminium coating, so they look like cold galvanised fixings, though in this case the BMW parts are Zinc plated.

I still have my old set if you want to strip and paint a pair and need one or two to replace yours. Not sure what condition they're in or what they're worth. Let me know if you'd like to see a photo.
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