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Originally Posted by HuGo View Post
You going to put J!m out of business haha.
No worries on that.

This is the OBD-I conversion/installation, and mine is the later OBD-II which retains EWS, and all the (CARB required) emissions scanning controls. Several versions of the OBD-I conversion were/are available on-line. (and by the way, they cost more than my booklet does!)

If you live in CA, CT, ME and a long list of other states in the very near future, you need to retain the factory original engine management system. In other words, if it was originally made OBD-II, it must stay OBD-II or you will fail testing, and could have the car taken from you. In CT, if they fail your emissions, you cannot renew your registration, and therefore can't drive the car on the road once registration expires!

By the way BlueBimma, EXCELLENT thread!

PS I heard of a new rule (possibly law but not confirmed) in CT that requires that if you do an engine swap, the exact same engine is used. In other words, my car, even though it has a newer engine in place of the factory one, would be in violation because it is not the same exact factory-installed engine. I don't know if this will carry to other states, be made law (if it isn't already) or what, but just thought I'd share that tidbit... In CA as far as I know, the engine can be newer than the car, but must meet the newer engine's emission requirements. That seems to not be the case in this instance...
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