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Picking up where I left off, I got around to cleaning the trash out of the interior and reinstalling the center console. Of course, all of the hardware was missing, so I had to deploy my bin of spare screws and bolts to put everything back together correctly. This is why I keep all the hardware from every car I part out!

Now I've got window switches and storage cubbies and semi-usable cupholders, what a luxury!

Earlier today I passed 200k miles. Not a huge accomplishment since I bought the car with 199k, but still a fun milestone.

After that I got to fixing the AC, as the triple-digit temperatures in the Phoenix summer make it a necessity for survival.

Out came the crusty old compressor, condenser, receiver drier, and all of the lines. Somebody had previously started removing the AC components (because racecar) so the entire system was open to the atmosphere for the better part of 10 years. Thankfully there was no corrosion due to the dry climate, so after cleaning each of the lines and blowing them out with compressed air, they were ready to be reused (with new o-rings). The compressor, receiver drier, and condenser were all replaced with new ones.

Along with all of that, I also installed a new AC belt tensioner and belt.

The system was then put under vacuum for most of an hour, to draw all the moisture out. After that, it was left alone for 30 minutes to test for leaks. I used new o-rings on every single connection, so it kept perfect vacuum the entire time. With that, I charged the system, and got the vents to blow around 40F in ambient temps of 90F or so in the shop. Driving around, it stays around 40, even while sitting at lights on a 112 day.

Good car! Next up, have to get it emissions tested and registered. And then do something about this awful old tint, it's so bad that I can't see out the back window, it's nearly opaque.
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