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How much voltage are you getting between the battery terminals when the car is running with the new battery? How about @ the back of the alternator? I ask because when I was having charging system issues, I was getting 10.5-11.7v. 3 batteries and 3 alternators later, I found the REAL problem. Every time I'd replace a battery, it would work fine for about 2-3 months before it would die. I was using Sears Diehard batteries which have a 10 year warranty. You should see 13.5-14v between the terminals when the engine is running. If not, then you've just put a bandaid on the problem and it will certainly haunt you later down the road. If you're not seeing 13.5-14v, I'd highly suggest actually removing both of the grounding cables(negative battery cable and main engine ground located on the passenger motor mount arm) and scrubbing the contacts with a wire brush. Who knows, maybe your old battery was the culprit. But when I visually inspected my grounds, they looked clean and tight. It wasn't until I removed the lower engine ground that I noticed some pitting where the cable must have been arcing because there was no corrosion. Best of luck to ya.
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