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Default Won't Start after charging battery

Hi All

Hoping you could confirm my thoughts. Went out this morning to start the car and I had zero dashlights. Tried to start the car and wouldn't even click the solenoid. Sigh... I gave it a boost and it started right away. When I removed the negative lead from the booster cables, the engine died. Hmmmm. Started it again and same thing.

Metered the baterery and it was 11.5. Charged it and the charger said it was at 85% capacity, Charged to 100% in 10 or 15 min.... already suspicious. Same thing. No dash lights and no start. Now the battery charger said it was at 10% capacity. (WTF) Then re did the connection and it was at 65% capacity. All with the battery cables disconnected from the car. Put an ameter between the Plus post and the lead and read 0 draw on the current with key off.

I'm thinking battery, but likely an altenator as well. Thoughts?

Peter - powerless in Toronto
1999 318ti
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